This module its aimed to develop student’s understanding of Proportional Reasoning as it is considered a critical concept in school mathematics curriculum for its wide applicability in many other domains of school mathematics and science curriculum.
In this module students are encouraged to see tables, graphs, equations, and verbal rules as equivalent representations of the same mathematical relationship. Emphasis is placed on moving among these representations and on working to understand how they relate to each other.
In this module Data handling is used in analysing data that students have gathered in various contexts and looking for patterns and generalities within them. It leads to recognise the usefulness of statistics for daily life, its important role in developing critical reasoning, and its instrumental role in other disciplines.
This module seeks to help students to understand density as a relationship and to grasp the generative concept of relative density in order to realize that density accounts for differences between masses when volume is held constant and that it cannot be directly measured.
The purpose of this module is to help students identify each kind of interaction of a body with the surrounding objects and to show the direction and magnitude of the force as a result of all of the interactions.
The didactic unit allows students  explain what they think about what energy means. This allows teachers to check their level and their misconceptions. Students care helped to gain a general view of how heat and energy can transfer.